Cop Shoots Black Man Trying to Calm Patient With Autism -- What the Hell?!

Charles Kinsey


You may feel like #AllLivesMatters is the most important message for America, while others may feel that it's black lives or blue lives. But no matter where you stand, you simply can't deny the absurd state of chaos that the world has been in lately. Sadly (but realistically), many lives have been taken and some are an unfortunate result of there being zero respect for the lives of black men and women. Thus far, with every incident, though, there are people who find ways to justify the actions of trigger-happy police officers who have carelessly taken black lives. However, in the latest case of therapist Charles Kinsey, it's nearly impossible to justify the actions of a North Miami officer who shot this unarmed black man in the leg.


For those who have yet to take a look at the morning paper, here's what you need to know. Kinsey was in the street tending to a visibly upset 23-year-old patient with autism, when officers arrived to check out reports of a suicidal and (falsely believed) armed man roaming the area. This, somehow, prompted the officer to shoot Kinsey -- the suspect's therapist -- in what was, fortunately, just his leg. 

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Prior to being shot, Kinsey laid down with his hands up in the air and began explaining the circumstances to the officers who had drawn their weapons on the two men: "All he has is a toy truck, a toy truck. ... I am a behavior therapist at a group home," he was heard saying in the cell phone video above. Kinsey continued to be "more worried about him [his patient]" than himself," as he told local news station WSVN, and begged his patient to be still as they were targeted by cops. 

When Kinsey asked the cops why one had shot him, one reportedly responded, "I don't know." After giving a shoddy explanation, the officers, for some unfathomable reason, cuffed the injured man.

So you see, what we have here is another bullsh*t situation. That said, I have questions that need answers, and perhaps those of you who are so resistant to the #BlackLivesMatter movement can provide them.

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If they were truly concerned with what the suspect might have in his hand -- then why was it that an unsuspected bystander was shot?

Why is it that the police on duty felt comfortable enough to shoot at people a black man who hadn't directly proven to be a threat to their lives at all? Did they really feel like his patient (who was holding a truck) was a threat to them either?

Anyone? Please, don't get silent on me now.

The reality here is that they had absolutely no justification for shooting any of these men (past or present), much less a behavioral therapist attempting to calm his patient down. Frankly there wasn't reason to draw weapons in the first place. Simply put, officers don't have the right to take justice into their own hands. But that's not what history has taught them -- history has repeatedly shown them that their badge gives them full permission and little to no consequences for playing God.

So much so that it clearly doesn't seem abundantly important for officers to utilize proper training tactics -- which I'm almost positive don't call for them to shoot any man based on reportedly having a weapon that they are told is a toy truck (not a toy gun, a toy truck).

And, unfortunately, black men and women can cooperate with police (as Kinsey did) all they'd like but it won't gurantee their life in the end -- not now. Not ever.

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So at the disproportionate rate that we've lost black lives, there's no way you can blindly continue to think that our society genuinely values all lives -- when history has proven that black lives have never been valued. We went from lynchings to shooting and murders and not much else has changed, except the men doing the killing no longer have to hide under white hoods. 

We're glad Kinsey is still here to open our eyes -- and we hope he continues to help people in so many ways.


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