Anderson Cooper Fights Back Tears While Honoring the Orlando Shooting Victims (VIDEO)

anderson cooper fights back tears reading Orlando victims namesCNN's Anderson Cooper was visibly shaken while reading the names of the Orlando shooting victims. The veteran journalist shared a bit about the lives that were lost inside the Pulse nightclub when a gunman opened fire, killing 49 people and wounding even more.


With his voice cracking, Cooper shared intimate details provided by the deceased's loved ones. We can only imagine how difficult this task is -- even for such a skilled reporter.

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One name Cooper never shared is that of the 29-year-old former security guard who carried out the massacre. He explained:

There’s one name I want to tell you that you will not hear during this broadcast tonight, one picture of a person you won’t see. We will not say the gunman’s name or show his photograph. It’s been shown far too much already.

Instead, Cooper focused on the accomplishments of the lives that ended far too soon, while holding back tears.

Throughout the day, CNN has been tweeting these remembrances:

In a world where mass shootings are happening with alarming frequency and a roster of victims' names is announced far too often, Cooper reminded viewers:

They are more than a list of names. They are people who loved and who were loved.



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