Dad Attacks Daughter's Killer in Court, Showing Us the Pain of Losing a Child (VIDEO)

Even if you only occasionally catch up on some local news sometimes, it's enough to get thoroughly bummed out and disgusted by stories about rape and murder. The market is way oversaturated, and a sad and dangerous byproduct of this is a chronic desensitization to these stories and the people in them. We find ourselves forgetting that the murdered people in news stories are real and not just bit parts in Law & Order, until we hear stories about fathers leaping over tables in courtrooms to hurt the men who hurt their daughters. And then we're like, oh, right. We need to be more upset about this. 


The dad this time is a man named Van Terry. He jumped across a courtroom table in Cleveland after Michael Madison, a convicted sex offender and the man who's accused of murdering his 18-year-old daughter in 2013, gave him a "malicious smile," according to the Associated Press. We can't see Madison's smile from the courtroom video, but you can see Terry make a jump for it. That's enough to gather the rest.

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The raw emotion displayed is nothing less than heartbreaking. We can't presume to know this dad's anger, but we can imagine it and understand it. To see the man who murdered and mutilated your daughter smile, however maliciously intended or not, would be enough to send us over that edge, too.

Terry jumped minutes after the judge sentenced Madison to death for his daughter Shirellda's murder and the murder of two other women around the same time. He told WJW-TV that he was thinking about his daughter when he attacked, and he doesn't care if he's charged because it was the right thing to do.

It's sad and wrong that it takes this much despair for us to pay attention to Terry's story -- both Van and his daughter deserved our anger and outrage long ago. There's so much crime and murder that we tell ourselves that if we got upset at it all, we'd have no upset left. But is that really a good excuse? Terry's story has us thinking maybe not.


Image via Fox 8 Cleveland

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