18-Year-Old Faces Ridiculous Charges After Ex Shares Nude Video of Her on Kik

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It's become more clear to me than ever that many victims don't get the justice and closure they deserve, but are instead often further victimized. Yes, that's the harsh reality of one Georgia high school student who was arrested on the charges of disrupting a public school after she cursed out and threw water on a young man who'd posted an inappropriate and "personal" video of her onto Kik, a social app.  


The kicker? While the student, Xavier Jones, faces up to a year in prison and a $5,000 fine, her ex boyfriend isn't currently facing any charges (as his sharing of nude photos is still being investigated). But any deliberation is kind of crazy considering that, by Georgia's own law, he posted revenge porn, a crime punishable by five years in prison and a steep fine of $100,000. Of the two crimes, we're having a difficult time understanding how Jones, the victim of an atrocious act, is the only one facing such harsh punishment. 

The attorney on the case, Gerald Griggs, told WSB-TV: "I characterize it as the victim getting victimized, and that’s exactly what happened in this case."

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Griggs has damn good point! It is nothing short of outrageous that this young woman has been kicked out of school for the rest of the year and may miss out on her entire future for throwing water onto a seemingly deserving individual. Sure, police suggest that a witness says she "threatened to kill him," but, let's be real, those are just words spoken out of anger and embarrassment -- not actions. Besides, we have every reason to believe that the charges have zero reflection of those "threats" -- as the attorneys themselves suggested that if the threats were truly being taken into account, the charges would be far more severe. 

And honestly, we're proud of her self-control given the circumstances -- throwing f*cking water is as harmless as it gets and, quite frankly, even just causing a scene (as police said she did) is a pretty just and normal reaction. 

Nevertheless, any time you think that we're equals in this world, let this serve as a reminder that we're not -- no matter how many strides we take to make women feel less victimized under victimizing circumstances, we manage to take several steps back into the wrong direction.

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Society is insistent on making the crimes of animalistic men our fault, any way that they can, and that's what all of this is about -- that's why a victim is being escorted out of school in handcuffs, while the young man in this situation probably had the opportunity to dry off while being politely asked about the details of his humiliation.

Certainly must be nice to be a man in America, because it isn't a good time for women. 

And more importantly, parents, if you haven't learned by now: Nothing good comes from Kik


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