Daughter of 'RHOC' Star Comes Forward With Rape Allegations Against Cop

Alexa Curtin

Alexa Curtin, daughter of former Real Housewives of Orange County cast member Lynne Curtin, paints a horrific image of what she says happened to her two Aprils ago during a routine traffic stop. The officer searched her car and then interrogated her about the panties that he found in her car -- asking if they were hers and how many she had. He reportedly left the scene for "another more pressing matter" and came back 20 minutes later. The Orange County Sheriff was out of uniform and in his personal vehicle when he allegedly proceeded to rape then-21-year-old Curtin.


Curtin's attorney, Jeremy Jass, reported that "sex abuse cases are notorious for being unreported or under reported because they are about sensitive issues that people don’t want to live through..."

So it's no surprise that Curtin -- who was "afraid and feared for her own safety" at the time, according to the lawsuit -- hadn't come forward until now. And honestly, if these allegations are true, who could blame her?

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Of course, no matter how this case pans out, there is a bigger issue here. Once upon a time, police officers were held to providing a standard of comfort and safety; mothers taught their children to find an officer when in potential danger. However, now, the thought of sending anyone to an officer brings pause. And it's time that we address this issue -- an all-too-common occurrence of officers exploiting their badge and betraying the trust of those who trust in them most.

This is an issue that continues to plague women and brings any progress that we've made in bringing awareness to sexual assault to a halt. How can we tell our daughters that it's okay to trust male officers if we can't do so ourselves? And the news has proven time and time again that we can't.

Ultimately, we can't begin to foster a safe environment for women to come forward about abuse (sexual or any other form) until we can assure them that the people protecting them will actually serve to do so.

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Right now all we have are fragile egos cowering behind badges, looking for their next power trip, and no regulations to prevent these types of incidence -- no regulations to protect the people from the police.

How do we stare victims in the eye and ask them to come forward about sexual assault when the people protecting them are also the ones harming them? When there's rarely any consequences to follow for the police who do abuse their power?

It's simple ... you can't. So, with that said, it's time to put the justice back into our justice system, so that women can stop fearing the very system and, instead, receive the help they deserve.

We hope that at least Curtin (who also goes by the stage name Jayden Taylors) has her voice heard.


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