'Hero' Boyfriend Accused of Beating Woman He Sat 8-Month Vigil For

It was a miracle when a young woman woke up from a coma after eight months. While 22-year-old Lin Yingying was unresponsive in the hospital, her boyfriend Liu Fenghe, 25, held vigil by her bedside, and even raised the funds for her medical expenses. Now Lin is rehabilitating, and she claims that her boyfriend is the one that put her in a coma in the first place.


Liu was hailed as a hero in China, where he and Lin both ran a bakery in Liaoning before Lin fell ill. He stayed by her side, and shelled out $30,700 for her care. Lin claims that he only did so because of the guilt he felt for attacking her.

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She says that her last memory before falling unconscious in September 2014 was her boyfriend beating her with a rolling pin because she'd burned 20 loaves of bread. She claims that she hit the floor and could hear Liu calling for an ambulance.

Lin was released into her family's care in February 2015, but didn't regain consciousness until May of that year. She's been recovering ever since, and is finally speaking out about the alleged attack. She said that she was too fearful of her own safety to speak up sooner.

She also claims that this was not an isolated attack, and that Liu had a history of violence before the bread-burning incident. Police are investigating that alleged attack, plus at least two others.

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This is absolutely heartbreaking if it's true. I can't imagine being so afraid of someone that you'd put yourself in harm's way like that, but Lin claims that her boyfriend had threatened to kill her if she told anyone that he was abusing her.

What a horrific situation. I hope that the authorities are able to find out what happened that put Lin into the coma, and hold the guilty party responsible.


Image via © Tom Grill/Corbis

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