Mom Recognizes Shoplifting Son on Surveillance Camera & Rats Him Out -- Good for Her!

What would you do if you suspected your teenager of a crime? One mom was forced to make that decision recently when she saw surveillance camera footage on her local news of some teens robbing a convenience store. She recognized one of the assailants as her son, and she turned him over to the police.


Indianapolis police had been investigating four separate thefts when 18-year-old Jonathan Ratcliff's mom turned him over to the authorities. They'd actually already had a lead on the teen, as he had used his backpack to assault a gas station attendant during a previous theft, and they found several homework assignments in it with his name on them.

Ratcliff is only one of several suspects, who would apparently raid the stores and shove as many snacks, candy, and other items into their bags before fleeing the scene.

I'm guessing that Jonathan ended up being more afraid of his mom than anything else, because police say that by the time he arrived at the precinct, he confessed that he had been involved in several of the looting sprees.

Talking to FOX59, store owner Randy Singh pointed out that this goes beyond kids swiping a candy bar. "It's like 500 to 600 dollars each time, you know. There's seven kids and they keep doing it. They never stop," he lamented of the thievery.

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Sgt. Kendale Adams praised Jonathan's mother for calling the police when she suspected her son was one of the perpetrators she saw on TV. "Mom saw the video that was released and did the right thing coming forward," he told FOX59, adding, "I mean there's just no way police can do it by themselves, that's why we preach community involvement ... We know that the message is getting out there. We know this is an example for citizens to see, when you see something, do the right thing. Do like this mother did in turning her son in."

It couldn't have been an easy decision for her to make, but it was the right one. Too many people are more concerned with having their kids like them than actually providing them with consequences for their actions. Hopefully this is a kick in the pants to this young man to knock it off and get his life back on track before he goes too far down the path of lawlessness.

That's what real love looks like -- not turning a blind eye to injustice, even when it's your own kid committing the crimes.


Image via © Boris Roessler/dpa/Corbis

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