Cray Parents Who Have It In for PTA President Plant Drugs in Her Car & They're Paying for It Big Time

There's no doubt that you're never going to get along with every parent at your kids' schools. But one couple took it to the next level and planted drugs on the PTA president because they were convinced that she was mocking their 7-year-old son.


You know, because there couldn't have possibly been a better way to deal with the situation. What's even crazier about this is that the parents in question are highly educated lawyers.

It doesn't seem to have worked out well for them after they represented themselves in court, because a California judge has awarded former PTA president Kelli Peters $5.7 million in damages. The couple (who are now divorced, by the way) will be on the hook for nearly 4 million of that.

The whole ordeal seems to have started in 2010, when Jill Easter confronted Peters about her then-7-year-old son. The little boy was not where he was supposed to be at pickup, and according to court documents, Peters told the mom that her son was "a little slow" in getting outside. Because this woman seems to have a screw loose somewhere, she took that as an insult to her son's intelligence. You know, because no 7-year-old has ever dawdled in the history of children.

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The conflict continued for a year, with Jill and husband Kent Easter accusing Peters of stalking their son, and demanding that the school remove her from her volunteer position as head of the PTA.

Since there was really no reason for the school to take action against the mom, the Easters hatched a sinister plot in 2011. They planted pot and prescription pills in Peters's car, and then, using a fake Indian accent, Kent called the police to complain about her alleged "erratic driving" on school grounds.

Thus began a bizarre five-year legal drama. When the police were called to the school, they questioned Peters for over two hours when they found the drugs in her car. She recalled during the trial, "I was crying and begging for him to not put the drugs on the car, because people would see it ... Everybody was looking at me and I felt very humiliated."

The Easters claimed in court that Peters was exaggerating her distress, and accused her of trying to cash in on the incident. However, Peters had a different reaction. She said, "This was really not about money, this was about standing up to people that pick on other people and telling them it’s not okay to do this ... I feel like justice has been served."

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Both of the Easters have had their law licenses revoked (his was suspended, and she has been disbarred) and have maintained their innocence in the drug-planting, but Kent did confess to phoning in the crime to the police. According to officials, Kent declared bankruptcy a week before the verdict was read, but will still be on the hook to pay the $4 million.

The person I feel really bad for in all of this is that poor kid, being raised by these two conniving people. What sort of lesson are they teaching him? I just hope that he grows up knowing that what his parents did is terribly wrong, and that he makes a point to treat people with respect -- even if he doesn't particularly care for them.


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