Letting Man Who Threatened to Kill Schoolkids Keep His Guns Is All Kind of Wrong

As a proud supporter of the Second Amendment, I really believe that the government shouldn't be involved in keeping private citizens from owning firearms. Most of the time. But let's say a person threatens to start shooting people -- even children -- for fun. Yeah, I'm totally down with keeping guns away from that psycho. But one Montana man awaiting trial may be allowed to own guns, despite threatening to shoot a classroom full of schoolchildren.


David Joseph Lenio has been charged with felony intimidation after posting threats on Twitter about wanting to kill Jewish leaders and schoolchildren. He added, "I bet I'd take out at least a whole classroom and score 30-plus if I put my mind to it."

His trial was postponed for the second time this week, and according to reports, prosecutors are considering a deal that would allow him to still purchase and own guns. Lenio's attorney, Brent Getty, said that there's a deal in the works, and "may be completed soon."

The restaurant cook was arrested in February 2014 when a spokesman for the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence alerted the authorities to his online threats. Lenio's roommate confirmed that "he had moved guns and ammunition into their apartment."

He's currently being held by his own parents in Grand Rapids, Michigan, so let's hope they feel strongly about keeping an eye on him and keeping him away from firearms.

So why would a guy like this be allowed to legally own firearms? Well, if the felony conviction doesn't stick, then there's no law to stop him from purchasing and keeping guns. That he'd like to shoot little kids with. By his own admission on social media.

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That's insane! I'm not stupid, and I know that if this asshole wants to get his hands on a gun, he will find a way to do it. But I don't think we should go along with it. That's just horrible, and sends a dangerous message that threats like these aren't going to be taken seriously.

Just because these threats are made online doesn't make them any less credible than if they were communicated any other way. Individuals who want to shoot innocent people are clearly not right in the head ... and they shouldn't have a gun in their hands.


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