Dad Arrested for Trying to Sell His Son for $1,000 & a Truck (This Is Not a Joke)

Raising kids is definitely tough business, and more than a few of are guilty of joking that we'd like to sell them from time to time, but normal people don't actually try to do it. One dad in Texas did though, when he tried to sell his parental rights to his teenage son to another person.


Ronald Hoyt, 45, has been charged with a third degree felony for attempting to sell his teenage son for $6,500 -- the value of a truck being traded, plus a $1000 check. 

16-year-old Alan was adopted as a small child, and apparently always had a contentious relationship with Hoyt. "He made sure I knew I was adopted. There was a lot of bad stuff," he confessed.

Last year, the teen met Michael Gonzales, who took him in and gave him a home. He became his managing conservator, and last month decided that he wanted to officially adopt him. He said of the boy, "He didn't have anyone who cared about him. He was a lost soul."

But before Hoyt would sign off on the adoption, he allegedly demanded that Gonzales subsidize him by giving him his Nissan pickup truck, along with a $1,000.

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According to Gonzales's attorney, Mike Gonzales, Hoyt signed the deal last week with an undercover cop in the room. He was arrested on Friday and charged with sale or purchase of a child.

Thank God this poor kid has someone looking out for him now. I hope that he's loved and cared for enough to know that what his adoptive dad did was despicable. No one should be treated like property like that. If he didn't want to raise him anymore, that's bad enough ... but basically demanding a ransom so that someone else can step in and be a real father figure? That's deplorable.


Image via © Arman Zhenikeyev/Corbis

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