Teacher Drives With 3 Students in Trunk of Car & It's Caught on Film

What the heck? A Tennessee teacher has been arrested after she was caught transporting three children in the trunk of her car. Police say that six other kids were in her Chevy Malibu, and while she's denying it ever happened, there's video footage showing otherwise.


Andria James, 33, is an employed tutor at Alex Green Elementary School and offered to host the children for a fun weekend as a reward for doing well in school. They apparently had a lot of fun, up until Sunday afternoon, when she allegedly packed nine kids into her sedan, including bizarrely using the trunk.

She claimed that she was keeping the children safe by taking them all to the Speedway station after noticing someone had followed them home. She also claimed that there were only six kids, and they all had their seat belts on.

Side note: There are only three seat belts in the backseat of a Malibu, where all elementary-aged kids are required to sit. So she's clearly lying, one way or another.

Yeah. La Vergne police were able to view the surveillance video from the convenience store, and said that they watched three children jump out of the trunk just as the car pulled up to a gas pump. James was arrested on three counts of reckless endangerment.

The parents were horrified when they learned of the incident. Regina Rogers is the mom of 9-year-old Jashawna Roucker, and she described a heartbreaking scene. "When I got there all the kids was piled up inside her vehicle, crying, scared. Was crying for their mothers, you know. I was very shocked," she shared. "I was very angry, very, very angry, but I kept myself together, as an adult and a mom of six kids."

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I'm not sure I would have been able to keep it together if I found my kid like that when I thought she was in a safe place. James might not have been the only one going to jail, is all I'm saying.

Seriously, what was she thinking? How could anyone in their right mind put kids in the trunk of their car and think it's a good idea? Why didn't she call the parents to come get their kids if she couldn't safely drive them? And why, oh why, would she lie about it when there were several witnesses, and it was caught on film?

Whatever the reason, I'm glad the kids are all safe. It could have ended much differently if she'd been in an accident.


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