16-Year-Old Girls Charged With Plotting Mass Shooting at Their High School

classroomTwo 16-year-old girls are being charged as adults after their detailed plot of a mass shooting at their high school was uncovered. The teens, Brooke Higgins and Sienna Johnson, reportedly searched online to purchase guns and had specific targets at their school.


It's very rare for females to be involved in a mass shooting plot. It is also alleged that Higgins searched online for information on female mass shooters. This is a very disturbing detail as it seems Higgins also researched ways to purchase guns even though she and her alleged accomplish were too young to do so. It was reported that Higgins's journal contained an entry where she expressed the wish that she was a participant in the 1999 Columbine High School shooting in Colorado that resulted in the murder of 12 students and one teacher. She is being treated for depression.

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Both Higgins and Johnson are students at Mountain Vista High School in Highlands Ranch, Colorado -- not far from Littleton, where Columbine is located.

The girls are being charged as adults, each with two counts of conspiracy to commit first-degree murder, and are being held in jail on $1 million dollar bonds -- though the charge could change and they may be tried as juveniles. Their plot was foiled after a text message was sent to the sheriff. Thank goodness that happened.

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Higgins's lawyer notes that this was a "thought crime" and that his client is only guilty of thinking about it.

And think about it they did -- in addition to what Higgins researched, Johnson reportedly made maps and included where security guards were located in the school. Both 16-year-olds were also said to have posted disturbing images on social media.

This is hard to accept -- that we live in a world where our children are thinking about such horrific things. We do have to pay attention to what they are posting on social media and their behavior -- that seems to hold clues as to any issues kids are having. We all have to be vigilant in every way to prevent horrific acts like this from happening. Let's hope these girls get the help they need. Let's hope we have more stories of prevention.


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