Daycare Worker Who Urged 1-Year-Olds to Fight Is Convicted of Child Cruelty

Ugh. When you leave your kids at daycare, you're trusting other people to take care of them, and have their best interests at heart. That's why stories like this one are such a nightmare. A Virginia daycare worker has been charged with child cruelty for running a "baby fight club."


31-year-old Sarah Jordan was the teacher in a class of 1-year-olds at Minnieland Academy, where witnesses say she encouraged the toddlers to fight with one another. According to prosecutors, she also tripped them, stepped on their toes, and sprayed them in their faces with a hose. 

Jordan denied the allegations, but did admit to sprinkling them from time to time for water play. A 2013 Department of Social Services report also claims that Jordan, along with another coworker, Kierra Spriggs, dunked children afraid of the water into wading pools, and "laughed after feeding the babies Flamin' Hot Cheetos."

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What a horrible situation! While these babies are unlikely to remember this kind of abuse as they grow up, that kind of damage still has an impact on development and overall emotional well being. 

The parents of the babies said that they knew something was up when their children suddenly became afraid of water, and started acting violently. One mom even said that she can't give her child a bath in the big tub -- it has to be the sink.

Jordan will remain in jail until her sentencing on May 6, which is exactly where she should be. Anyone that abuses a helpless child is the worst kind of person. 


Image via © Julian Stratenschulte/dpa/Corbis

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