20-Year-Old Girl Murdered on New Year's Eve in Suspected 'Road Rage' Shooting

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In a horribly senseless and brutal act of "road rage," a 20-year-old college girl lost control of her car after being shot in the head on New Year's Eve. Sara Mutschlechner, a junior at the University of North Texas, was serving as the designated driver for her friends as they left a party. Now, her family and loved ones are starting 2016 in mourning.


I'd say something like, What is the world coming to? -- but the sad truth is that this kind of thing just isn't even surprising anymore. It's ridiculously easy to purchase guns, and clearly they're being purchased by hotheaded idiots with no regard for human life.

According to ABC, the police department of Denton, Texas, says an SUV pulled up alongside Mutschlechner's car in the early hours of January 1, as she and her friends were on their way home from a party. "Words were exchanged," reports ABC, and "two or three rounds were fired at the young woman's car." 

Sara lost control, crashed into an electrical pole, and was found on the ground by her car, with a bullet wound in her head.

20-year-old UNT student Sara Mutschlechner died after being taken off life support. She was shot while driving friends...

Posted by CBS DFW on Friday, January 1, 2016

And as our country racks up more and more murders by guns every minute, we just sit here. This poor girl's mother and father are now facing the worst thing that can happen to a parent -- and for what? Why? Because those people in that SUV had the ability to unload "two or three rounds" into a car full of young women, for whatever reason.

Absolutely terrifying.

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This also serves as a scary reminder of just how dangerous it can be out there on the road. You never know if the driver acting like a jerk or driving erratically might have a gun in his or her car. I shudder to think how many faces I've pulled -- or rude gestures I've made -- at fellow drivers who have done something that I feel is aggressive or dangerous, like pulling out right in front of me, or tailgating me, or honking when I take one millisecond too long to hit the gas when the light turns green.

I try to "be good" if I've got my daughter in the car, but I know I've given in to the urge to at least make a face or give an impatient arm wave at obnoxious fellow drivers when she's been with me. And that's something I'm going to stop doing. Because I want my daughter to know that one day in the not so distant future, when she's out on the road on her own, she can't possibly be too careful.

My heart breaks for Sara's family, and I'm scared of this crazy world in which I'm raising my own daughter. I can only hope that something starts to change. And fast.


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