15-Year-Old Loses His Life Protecting His Friends During Senseless Shooting

This is such a tragic story. A true teenage hero gave his life last week, because he chose to protect the teen girls he was walking with as some alleged gang members opened fire on the group.


Fifteen-year-old Tennessee football star Zaevion Dobson was chatting with some girls on a porch in Knoxville, Tennessee, last week after attending a basketball game and celebrating Christmas break from school.

The football player and his group were apparently approached by at least two people, according to Knoxville police chief David Rausch, before they allegedly opened fire on the group. Rausch claimed that the perpetrators were "just looking for someone to shoot up." He told People magazine, "They saw this group of friends and just opened fire."

The authorities said that as the bullets started flying, Dobson grabbed the two girls and then threw himself on top of them. They were unharmed, but he was pronounced dead at the scene.

President Obama even sent this message out about the hero.

Rausch told People after Obama's tweet, "I think that was appropriate ... Zaevion was a young man that was doing exactly what he should be doing, and he saved those two young ladies. It is amazing that he did that. But, that's what good guys and men of character do." 

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This kid was a total hero. He was raised by a single mom and was a football standout who mentored kids in his "economically distressed" neighborhood. He was also active with his church.

Rausch said, "What makes this so tragic is we had this outstanding kid who was doing everything right in life and dies senselessly, because cowards opened fire on a group of unarmed teenagers ... It's just such a tragedy."

It is beyond a tragedy, and our hearts go out to this young man, and the lives he protected. 


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