Mom Caught Trying to Buy Her 14-Year-Old Daughter a Baby on Craigslist

baby nursery

Think you'll do anything for your children? Well, one Atlanta mom was arrested for attempting to purchase a real, human baby for her own 14-year-old daughter.


It's hard to imagine, right?

According to Forsyth County detectives, 47-year-old Elaine Williams posted an ad on Craigslist, looking for "unwanted babies." She reportedly told moms they could just drop their unwanted infants off in an infant box.

Sadly, the New York Daily News report the ad for unwanted babies received several responses, purportedly from women wanting to take Williams up on her offer -- and sell her their babies.

Elaine Williams, Forsyth County

Why did Williams want to buy a baby? Williams told police that her 14-year-old daughter, who was booked on a similar charge in juvenile court, really, really wanted one. And Williams was afraid that her daughter would have gotten a baby with or without her mom's help.

Huh. So it's kind of like those parents who let their kids drink alcohol in their homes to keep them from doing it somewhere less safe ... only except a million times worse.

Just to make the story a little more haunting -- police report that when they arrived at the home of these would-be baby buyers, they found the daughter's room set up like a nursery, all ready for the baby.

"(The room was) ready to receive a baby. There was a crib, baby gifts, formula and diapers," Forsyth County Sheriff Duane Piper told Atlanta news station, WBS-TV.

Where do we even start with a story like this? It's terribly sad to wonder why this young girl is so obsessed with procuring a baby. And it's gut-wrenching to think that there are women who thought about selling their own infants. And, it's awful to think about Williams' motivations ... was she really convinved this was the only way? 

What were they going to do if someone did drop off a baby? Just keep it? Would the 14-year-old raise it? What if she eventually wanted another baby? Another Craiglist ad?

It's pretty mind-boggling. And it's also heartbreaking. Moms are supposed to be there to guide and protect our daughters, not lead them into jail. Who know what's behind this story -- it could be anything, from a mental illness to a tragic loss. No matter what, though, it sounds like Williams really needs help ... and her daughter probably does, too.  I hope they get it.


Images via Strba and Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office

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