Disturbing Footage Shows Toddler Smoking a Joint as Adult Eggs Him On (VIDEO)

toddler smoking pot

"Smoke man" and "inhale" -- words you'd expect to hear at a college dorm party, maybe? But not at all what you'd hope to hear from someone making a video of a little toddler in a diaper, who appears to be smoking pot. Yes, I really did just type that.


At the time this video came to attention of Chicago community activist Andrew Holmes, it has received more than 500 "likes" and 1200 comments on Facebook. Just ponder that while you watch (if you can stomach it):

"Let me hit that, OK?"

I'm with Andrew. THESE PEOPLE HAVE LOST THEIR DAMN MINDS! Can you believe your eyes? That poor baby. What chance at life does he have, being raised in an environment like that? With people who are not only awful enough to think it's funny to make an innocent baby inhale dangerous smoke and illegal drugs ...but also stupid enough to post in on social media?!

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Let's hope the authorities track down this little guy soon, and keep him safe. If you happen to have any idea who this baby is, you can contact the Chicago Police Department.


Image via NBC

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