Parents Stuff 4-Year-Old in Garbage Bag to Punish Her for Potty-Training Accident

Why do people do this? Does anyone really believe that brutal and cruel abuse of children is an acceptable form of "punishment"? A couple has been charged with duct-taping a 4-year-old's hands together and stuffing her in a garbage bag before stashing her in the basement.


Khristopher Newman, 34, and Crystal Jedrzejek, 31, allegedly bound the little girl as punishment for soiling herself. No wonder she did, with adults like these in her life. The poor thing was left alone in a dark, unheated basement in Johnstown, Pennsylvania for an unspecified amount of time.

Two days after the punishment was inflicted, she was brought to the hospital with liver trauma, and injuries to her face, head, and body. Jedrzejek reportedly told authorities that child hurt herself when she fell in the bathtub.

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In what world could this possibly be considered OK? It's not a swat on the bottom, it's tying a child up, stuffing her in a garbage bag, and basically exposing her to the elements. This little girl will hopefully heal from her physical wounds and ailments, but the psychological damage she suffered will likely last a lifetime.

Children look to the adults in their lives to protect them and keep them safe. To have those people turn on you is beyond traumatizing during the formative years.

I just hope that this little girl finds a loving home, and grows up to forget all about this terrible crime that happened to her.


Image via © Sigrid Olsson/PhotoAlto/Corbis

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