16-Year-Old Girl Found Tied Up in High School Bathroom After Vicious Attack

stallA 16-year-old girl in Seattle is probably not feeling particularly thankful this week after she was allegedly physically assaulted and tied up in the bathroom at her high school on Tuesday -- by two other girls!


According to a spokesperson from the King County Sheriff's Office, the victim was assaulted, tied up, and left by the two other girls early in the morning at Highline Public Schools' Evergreen Campus. And while the school has yet to release further details, we do know that the victim was taken to a hospital after being found with "non-life-threatening injuries" and that there is currently increased security presence at the school.

How absolutely awful. As the mother of a teen girl, I can't imagine how the victim's parents must be feeling right now -- except I imagine it all the time. These days, you never know what's going to happen to your child when you drop her off in the morning; just yesterday there was an "increased police presence" at my daughter's school because someone made an anonymous threat involving "shooting up" the place. We can't take it for granted anymore that our kids are safe when they're at school, and that's a horrible feeling to have as a parent.

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Now, to be fair, kids have been getting beaten up in high school bathrooms for decades, so this particular incident isn't necessarily part of the horrifying trends in school violence we've seen in recent years. But it's still scary, and sad. And what makes it particularly disturbing is that it involved girl-on-girl violence. (Not a new phenomenon either, but still.) What could have triggered this attack, I wonder? Some sort of romantic rivalry? Plain old mean girl bullying? Whatever the cause, there are exactly zero justifiable reasons for assaulting a 16-year-old girl and leaving her tied up in a bathroom, so it doesn't really matter. 

I guess it just feels like the more answers we have as parents, the better our odds of preventing these types of attacks in the future. Even if that's not necessarily the case.


Image via Jen Gallardo/Flickr

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