Woman Accused of Faking Baby Bump Before Cutting Fetus from Her Friend's Womb

A woman is dead, after her friend stabbed her and stole her baby from her womb with a knife. To make this even more grusome, the alleged murderer had been faking her own pregnancy for months.


22-year-old Angelikque Sutton was almost 9-months pregnant when she visited her childhood friend's home in the Bronx. Ashleigh Wade also appeared to be pregnant, but the whole thing turned out to be fake. It's unclear if her baby daddy knew what was going on, as he had a sonogram photo posted as his profile picture on social media, along with several links to baby registries for their baby girl.

Last Friday, Sutton went to Wade's apartment, where she was fatally stabbed. The baby survived, and when police arrived, Wade tried to pass her off as her own, saying that she had killed her friend in self-defense. Obviously, that wasn't going to work with today's modern medicine, and she's now being held in a psych ward on murder charges.

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I can't even imagine what Sutton's loved ones are going through. It's a ray of light that her baby survived the ordeal, but she's never going to get to know even one moment of being held by her mama. And for what? Wade was clearly never going to get away with it.

But sometimes people do incredibly depraved things. Not just faking an entire pregnancy, but murder and kidnapping in this case. I hope that this woman gets the medical help she so clearly needs, and is locked up for a long, long time.


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