Man Uses LifeLock to Cyber-Stalk Ex-Wife & Creeps Us All Out

Dude -- this is so not okay. Divorce is messy, but when it's over, you hope to move on. One ex-husband clearly didn't get the memo, because he used LifeLock to open an account in his former wife's name and then tracked her every financial move for two entire years.


Suzanna Quintana, 47, had no idea that her ex was cyber-stalking her, watching her every move from getting a new cell phone to opening new bank accounts. "He knew everything I did," she lamented to USA Today. "I had no idea about all the things he knew."

When she found out last March that he was getting emails from the company about her credit, she says that the identity-theft protector was slow to respond. According to her, they delayed responses and even blocked her access to the account.

Julio Quintana allegedly used LifeLock to cyber-stalk Suzanna over the last two years -- since she left him 2013. One of their two sons found a spreadsheet by accident on his computer during a visit, and alerted his mom to it. She was horrified. 

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Sgt. Mike Gale of the Sheridan County Sheriff's Office has been investigating the case, and said that LifeLock made it incredibly difficult for them to obtain necessary information for a warrant. In July, he wrote to the company and said, "As the days and weeks go by, I fear that the information in my affidavit may go stale."

He wasn't able to get the documents until earlier this month.

Thankfully, the company seems to understand how freaking awful this is, and has officially apologized to Suzanna and offered to cover her legal fees. Maybe they should offer to pay for therapy too -- it has to be terrifying to discover that your ex has been stalking you and keeping detailed accounts of your financial records.



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