Baby Forced Into Hot Oven & Killed By 3-Year-Old Siblings

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A Houston mother left her four children all under the age of 6 home alone. They started to play in the kitchen and the unthinkable happened -- one of her 3-year-old twins put the 1-year-old baby into the oven. The other twin turned it on.


It's unclear exactly where the mother was at the time. One report says the mother was at work, while a quote from the Houston County Attorney says she and her boyfriend "...had left to get a pizza."

Either way, it doesn't really matter anymore. Now a 19-month-old baby girl named J'zyra Thomson is dead, and her three siblings are split between two different foster homes. One of the twins has confessed to killing the baby and will have to live with that for the rest of his or her life.

This isn't the first time this mother has come to the attention of child protective services. And although criminal charges haven't been filed yet against her, it's expected they'll be forthcoming.

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Now three children have been taken from their homes, split up, and will have to face the reality of what happened without family support. 

The mother and -- unfortunately -- her kids are paying the ultimate price for this horrific nightmare. Hopefully this tragedy will be a grim reminder for everyone of the dangers of leaving children home alone. And that it's children who suffer when we fail as parents to protect them.


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