21-Year-Old Former Babysitter Charged with Kidnapping & Brutalizing Toddler

A 2-year-old girl is thankfully alive, after being kidnapped and brutally beaten last week. The toddler's 21-year-old babysitter has been charged with breaking into the family's home in the middle of the night, taking the child, beating her, and abandoning her on the side of the road.


Abigail Hanna seemed to be a typical nanny in a well-to-do Massachusetts neighborhood -- Pretty and blonde with Pinterest pins for edible play dough and Christian schools on her attendance record. Definitely not the type you'd normally profile as a kidnapper or child abuser.

Thankfully little Lyndon Albers is alive, after Anton and Marge Crosby. The couple noticed the tot on the side of the road around 10 a.m., about seven hours after she was last seen at home. Anton thought he saw a baby, but his wife told him he was crazy. "It could have been a doll, but I'm going to spin around," he said.

When they found her, Marge said she was "alert." She was also naked, covered with bruises, and her head had been shaved. The couple put a coat around her and took her in their car to warm her up before help could arrive.

According to a police statement, Abigail had been recently fired, and "evidence indicates that the abduction was not a random crime."

I don't know what went down with this babysitter, but obviously something happened for the parents to fire her. Was she showing signs of mental instability? What in the world would make someone harm a child like that? And to shave her head? It seems so random and bizarre. Just thank God Lyndon is alive -- was she left for dead?

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Hanna was engaged, but her fiance reportedly deleted his Facebook page on Saturday, and has declined to comment. One of his relatives spoke out anonymously about the couple, saying they never saw it coming. They said, "She didn’t seem like the kind of person that could hurt anybody ... very mild, not an aggressive person at all."

I can't even imagine what these parents are dealing with right now. We try to make sure our kids are safe even when we can't be with them -- that's why we we responsible sitters for them. Thankfully Lyndon is OK, and hopefully she's young enough that she won't even remember this.


Image via © Ben Hupfer/Corbis

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