Carjackers Steal Mom's Car -- Then Take Her 8-Year-Old to School

man driving carHe wasn't even late for class! A little boy got an unexpected ride one recent morning when a pair of carjackers stole his mom's car while he was in the backseat ... and then dropped him off at school.


Say what?

The little boy was sitting in his mom's car outside of the Norfolk, Virginia, post office where she works. Apparently, this is a regular thing: Police Cpl. Melinda Ray told Inside Edition that the mom leaves the car running, goes right inside to work for 20 to 30 minutes, and then comes out to drive her son to school.

So, there he was, inside the running car, listening to the radio, when two men jumped in. He says they asked him where he went to school ... and then drove him there and dropped him off! The even crazier thing is that the little boy didn't even tell anyone once he got to school. Once the mom realized the car was gone, she called the authorities, and they found her son ... casually sitting there in his homeroom!

"He thought his mother had just arranged for someone else to take him to school," Ray said. "But when learned what had happened, he was quite frightened."

What on earth? That truly strikes terror into my heart. He had no idea that strange men shouldn't be driving him to school? In his mom's car?

This is just the most bizarre story, and without any additional information, my heart goes out to that poor mom. What an absolutely terrifying experience for her ... and now, Ray says, she may face charges.

Augh. She probably has no other choice than this admittedly odd childcare solution -- it's hard (and expensive!) to find before-school help. It does seem like a long time to leave an 8-year-old in a car, but on the other hand, it probably seemed perfectly safe. And she may not have had any other options.

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I really hope that this doesn't affect the mom's job, and that she's able to work something out. As for the little boy -- after this, he might not need it, but a few words about trusting strangers might be a good idea!


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