Mom Allows Girl to Be Beaten on Camera for Skipping School

This is one of those stories that is so painful it's nearly unfathomable. Children look to the adults in their lives to protect them from harm, but one girl's mom allegedly allowed her to be beaten black and blue, while another woman filmed it. The beating was reportedly "punishment" for skipping school.


The age of the child is unknown, but police in Baton Rouge have taken three people into custody after being alerted to the horrific situation. According to reports, two men beat the girl with belts last Thursday, while another woman filmed it on her cell phone. They've been charged on counts of cruelty to juveniles.

According to the child's statement, her mom allowed the men to beat her. Her injuries were extensive enough to leave marks all over her body and require hospitalization for treatment.

After reviewing the footage, officers noted that no one attempted to stop the beating and no one offered medical care; they said it was "clearly unreasonable and cruel discipline."

The child's mother, Edith Karondelett Norwood, 35, admitted to allowing Delvin Walker, 24, to beat her child. The two share an address, but their relationship is unknown. Another person, 23-year-old Kewana Lynette Walker, confessed to filming the beatdown. There was another man involved in the beating, but he was only identified as "Derrick."

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I don't even understand what could drive a mom to allow this. It's sick enough that anyone would want to beat a child, and it's even worse that the mom allowed it to happen. If someone started raging on my kids, for any reason, even if they were being little snots, there would be hell to pay.

Those little people count on me to protect them from the monsters in their closet, and I sure as hell would die trying to protect them from the real monsters of the world.

I hope that this girl has someone in her life who can take her in and show her that this is unacceptable, deplorable behavior, and that there's nothing she did to deserve it. No human being deserves that.


Images via Baton Rougue Police Department

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