Officer Slams High School Girl to the Ground for Being 'Disruptive' (VIDEO)

high school policeAs parents, we expect our kids to be safe when we send them to school -- or, at least, we hope they'll be safe. But sometimes the very people who are supposed to be keeping our kids safe are the ones who are putting them in danger -- like the sherriff's deputy who brutally assaulted a South Carolina high school student in a shocking incident captured on video.


According to the Richland County Sherriff's Department, "school resource officer" Ben Fields was responding to reports of a "verbally disruptive" student who was "resisting arrest." But that's not at all what it looks like in this video (be warned, this footage just might turn your stomach):

Absolutely horrible. I don't care how "verbally disruptive" that girl was being, there's absolutely no excuse for this kind of brutality. She's a kid and he's a fully grown, extremely strong officer of the law! What on earth could have possessed him to throw that child on the ground like that? And if she was indeed "resisting arrest," what was she being arrested for, exactly? "Verbal disruption"? Sounds more like grounds for a trip to the principal's office, not jail. 

Oh, and did you notice how completely NOT surprised all the other students in the video seem? That's probably because this Fields guy has apparently been a problem for quite some time, according to Daily Kos reporter Shaun King. Check out his tweets on the topic:



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Sounds like they had a good reason to be scared!! I don't know what this guy's problem is, or why he went into law enforcement in the first place, but he seems like a twisted bully who needs to be put in his place, ASAP. If this happened to my kid -- okay, I literally can't even finish that sentence because I actually do have a 14-year-old daughter and the very thought of this happening to her makes me feel like I'm going to hyperventilate. And I can only imagine most other parents feel exactly the same way. The only reason a police officer should have for assaulting a child that way is if the child is about to seriously harm someone else. What is Fields teaching these kids?? That authority figures aren't to be trusted. That they're full of hate and rage. That they do more harm than good. The consequences of this thoughtless man's actions are so far-reaching. And none of them are good.

If a petition hasn't already been started to fire Ben Fields, I hope someone starts one very soon. 


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