Daycare Workers Leave Baby All Alone When Dad Is Late for Pick-Up

empty daycareWhen you leave your child in daycare, you're trusting the workers to treat your baby with the utmost concern. But a Chicago dad who was running late to pick up his daughter found himself in every parent's worst nightmare. The daycare center was closed and he had no idea where his 1-year-old was.


Can you even begin to imagine the terror this man must have felt? Cornelius Jones said he was ringing the bell and no one was answering. When he began kicking in the door, he heard his daughter crying. Unable to get to her, Jones and his child's mom, Quanesha Borum, called 911 -- and that's where this story gets even worse. Police told the couple this isn't the first time the "All Things Are Possible for Kids" daycare center has closed and left a child unattended. 

Rightfully so, Jones and Borum want to see the center shut down. Imagine if Jones had been in an accident and was unable to get there? That small child would've spent the night alone! It's absolutely horrifying for any parent to think about.

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Naturally, everyone's first reaction is: How could something like this happen? The daycare director told FOX 32 that workers mistook the little girl for a doll! Sure, people are rushing to get home at the end of a long day, but that is just beyond inexcusable. How can this be your job and you can't distinguish between a toy and a child?

Thankfully this little girl is going to be just fine, but this story is an important reminder to really do your homework when it comes to choosing a daycare center. If this couple had known that the facility had been negligent in the past, surely they'd have looked elsewhere. 

If the center isn't closed immediately, we hope workers will be much more vigilant when watching these children. 


Image via © William Whitehurst/Corbis

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