Stepmom Accused of Staging Videos to Cover Up 5-Year-Old's Suspicious Injuries

A 24-year-old woman in Connecticut has been charged with intentional cruelty, as well as risk of injury to a minor, after her 5-year-old stepdaughter showed up multiple times in emergency rooms over several months with mysterious injuries. Police believe that Felicia O'Brien videotaped the girl harming herself in order to cover up evidence of abuse.


The stepmom has not been charged with abusing the child, but officials became suspicious when her injuries did not seem consistent with self-harm. Back in August, child protective services got involved when physicians alerted them, but they were unable to determine that the girl hadn't hurt herself.

O'Brien and her stepdaughter both claimed that the voices in the little girl's head told her to bang her head on the ladder of her bunk bed. 

But late in September, the pair showed up at a walk-in clinic with some very suspicious injuries. Doctors say that she had a bruise on her face so brutal that one of her eyes was swollen shut. Fox CT reports that doctors believed it was likely caused by severe hair pulling or blunt force trauma to the face.

That's when O'Brien reportedly showed the doctors a video of the little girl banging her head against her bunk bed. On the cellphone video, she asked the tot why she was doing that, and she responded, "I'm hitting my head ... 'cause I wanted to."

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There was a hole in her story, though ... as authorities found several other "practice videos and outtakes" on her phone. She even allegedly instructed the girl to start in one of the vids, according to the Associated Press.

Ugh! This poor girl! It seems like she was instructed to protect someone by faking her injuries, but what the heck? There's no evidence that O'Brien abused the girl -- just the suspicious videos. It's possible that she's covering for someone else, and of course it's possible that the little girl really does have issues with self-harm, and she was just trying to get a video of it.

Who knows what's going on here, but one thing is certain -- this little girl needs help.


Image via East Hampton Police Department

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