11-Year-Old's Stick-Figure Drawing Helps Police Nab a Serial Burglar

girl's drawing helps cops nab burglarThis story really illustrates just how helpful young children can be! Police officers in Connecticut recently honored an 11-year-old girl whose stick-figure drawing helped them arrest a burglar who'd committed a string of break-ins. 


Rebecca DePietro was hailed as a hero after police used her sketch to match it up with a suspect, who has since confessed to 10 burglaries in the neighborhood. Ironically, he even hit DePietro's own home!

Talk about karma! The young hero's dad told NBC Connecticut News that having his daughter's drawing help solve the crime felt like "payback." 

How cool is that? She's so sweet when she credits her art teacher! 

This just proves that kids are constantly observing their surroundings and picking up so much more than we're giving them credit for most of the time. 

It had to be such a great surprise for Rebecca to find out that she was a key factor in catching a criminal -- especially since she said she thought officers were going to crumple up her drawing and discard it. 

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I love that this police department went out of its way to let her know she was instrumental in helping solve a crime. It really sends a great message to the children of that community and lets them know they're valued and important citizens who'll be taken seriously. 


Image via Stacey Newman/shutterstock

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