Teacher Arrested for Secretly Videotaping Underage Girls in School Locker Room

girls in locker room video camera teacherHaving to get undressed in a locker room can make plenty of kids self-conscious, but most imagine the only people who can see them are the ones right there in the room with them. Shockingly, that wasn't the case in one Nebraska school where a teacher secretly placed a video camera inside the girls' locker room.


Sickening, right? The teacher, Anthony Rahe, 25, who taught agriculture, was arrested on two felony counts of unlawful intrusion and has been suspended as well as barred from school property. 

The police officers who recovered the camera don't believe that the footage Rahe captured was shared, but they're still investigating.  

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For parents, stories like these make you physically ill. You send your children to school to learn and you're trusting the adults within the building to keep them safe. Instead, this sick individual was videotaping them against their will and without their knowledge.

For some of these young girls, this crime could have long-lasting negative repercussions. Would you feel comfortable changing in a locker room again? If not, how does that impact your willingness and ability to play a sport?

This teacher has robbed these young women of their trust and, for some, their desire to pursue athletics that require changing into a uniform in a public facility. 

Who knows what he was planning to do with that footage?! Let's hope that he's not permitted to work near children ever again. 


Image via Guryanov Andrey/shutterstock

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