Son Drowns While Mom Is on Facebook & Now She Faces Jail Time

child drowns mom on FacebookFor a mom already living every parent's worst nightmare, things have just gotten a lot worse. Claire Barnett has been sentenced to prison after her son drowned while she was on her phone -- looking at Facebook, no less. 


Barnett's 2-year-old son Joshua fell in a pond while the two were together, but because she was "distracted" by her phone, the British mom didn't notice until it was far too late. 

Unfortunately, this mother of four had received what should've served as a wake-up call one year earlier when social services paid her a visit after Joshua was nearly struck by a car while playing unsupervised outside their home. 

This heartbreaking story illustrates the devastating consequences of not making young children the top priority. Especially when they're too little to look out for themselves, putting away distracting devices and just focusing on them has to be a caregiver's number one job.

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We all know how easy it is to get caught up in reading something online, but this tragedy is an important reminder to not allow it to happen. Plenty of moms have experienced that awful feeling of taking their eyes off their tot to say hi to a friend in a playground and suddenly their little guy has gone missing. You heart drops through your stomach and you can't catch your breath until you find him again.  

We can't even begin to imagine the hell this mother must be going through every minute of every day. Remembering to treat children like the precious gifts they are should inspire us to put everything on the back burner in situations where they could get into danger. 


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