Mom Charged With Abuse After Sons Are Taped Down & Forced to Watch 'Mommie Dearest'

Talk about cruel and unusual punishment! A mom and her boyfriend were recently charged after she allowed him to duct tape her small children in front of a TV with Mommie Dearest playing, as punishment for their calling her the "meanest mommie."


How very Clockwork Orange of them. Tell me again, how did that move turn out? (Spoiler alert -- not well.)

Mary Lucas, 28, was charged this week for an August incident in which her 29-year-old boyfriend Glenn Oliver duct-tapped her sons, ages 5 and 6, to chairs and forced them to watch Mommie Dearest. According to court documents, Lucas called the film, "Hollywood's perfect representation of a mean mother," and claimed that she was forced to watch it at age 4 by her own mom.

Oliver allegedly used duct tape because the boys were having trouble sitting still in front of the freaky movie. Lucas was not home at the time of the viewing, but was aware of it. It was apparently punishment for her small children's calling her the "meanest mommie." After this horrendous stunt, the kids may have a point, is all I'm saying.

Mommie Dearest is the 1981 movie based on actress Joan Crawford's alleged abuse. Faye Dunaway's performance as the troubled star was so over-the-top that the film has become a cult classic. And definitely unsuitable for little kids.

Lucas reportedly wasn't upset at all when she learned that her kids had been duct-tapped. She called it a "misunderstanding," and told a friend that texted her about it that she'd deal with it later. Police say that they obtained photos from a witness, showing the boys bound and gagged around the mouth, wrist, chest, ankles, and head, as well as being taped to the chairs.

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Good lord. What kind of people do that to little kids? They're children! My kids think I'm "mean mommy" if I make them eat dinner before dessert, or go to bed on time. This is just flat-out abuse.

Not only were they physically abused by being restrained, but what sort of psychological damage took place at the same time? I hope that these kiddos will be okay, and that their mom gets some sense knocked into her. They deserve to have a happy, normal childhood -- and they're obviously not getting that right now.


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