Pregnant Woman Clings to Windshield of Moving Car to Keep Ex From Driving Away (VIDEO)

This is horrific in so many ways. A pregnant woman was dragged by an SUV on the highway as she clung to the windshield to keep her ex-boyfriend from driving away.


The incident happened in Houston, on the Gulf Freeway, and part of the scene was caught on camera. 

The woman is Jessica Alvarado, and she's 32 weeks pregnant. The father of her unborn child is her ex-boyfriend, Anthony Adan Escobedo, 33, who was the one behind the wheel.

Apparently, the vehicle belongs to Alvarado's current boyfriend, who let her borrow the keys. Escobedo then allegedly stole them. She followed him and eventually found him in the Kia Sorento with another woman. She ordered him to get out, but he tried to make an escape instead.

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Thank God both she and the baby are okay! That must've been totally traumatic. Escobedo is currently behind bars and has been charged with assault of a family member, and I hope he gets child abuse charges too. Maybe grand larceny for stealing the car.

Seriously, what kind of guy steals his pregnant ex-girlfriend's boyfriend's car to impress another woman, and then tries to drive off with her and her 8-month pregnant belly clinging to the hood?

I'm thinking that Alvarado is well rid of that scum bucket.


Image via KHOU11

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