Girl Jumps Out of Moving Car to Escape Kidnapper & It's Caught on Film (VIDEO)

A 17-year-old girl is safe after experiencing the unthinkable on the way to high school. The unnamed teen girl was victim of an abduction attempt that happened around 7:15 a.m. on October 5, but thankfully is unharmed -- thanks to jumping out of her attacker's moving car.


The Bridgeport Police Department in Connecticut released surveillance video of the 17-year-old fleeing a vehicle -- a dark gray Toyota Yaris with the bumper missing (the Styrofoam is visible). The teen describes her assailant as a Hispanic woman -- who looks to be in her 40s -- with freckles and black hair (it was in a ponytail at the time).

While there's no word on why this young girl was targeted, she told police the female driver approached her on her way to school, lured her into the car, and assaulted her inside -- prompting her to flee for her life by jumping out of the car, as it drove down Boston Avenue.

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As for her attacker, she was last seen making a U-turn at Dover Street before heading toward Stratford. Anyone with information is urged to contact Bridgeport Detective Jeff Holtz at (203) 581-5293.

I truly commend this teen for her courage in a time of panic and uncertainty.

Hearing about abductions, let alone seeing the footage (thank God this shows someone fleeing their attacker), is a harsh reality many parents never want to face. Unfortunately, we live in a very sick world where people often do the unthinkable. I'm sure the parents of this teenage girl are hugging her a little tighter, as they, along with most of us, would've never expected someone to try to abduct their 17-year-old daughter on the way to school (most of the time we hear about victims being little children). What's even more of an eye-opener is that the attacker was a woman, which hopefully will dispel the notion that assailants are always men.

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Please take a look at the video and pass this around for others to see.

Image via FOX CT News

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