Day Care Teacher Responsible for Kidnapping & Torture of 5-Year-Old Says She's a 'Very Good Person'

mug shotAn 8-year-old girl bravely stood in a court room in Philadelphia yesterday and faced down a monster. The monster's name is Christina Regusters, who was just sentenced to 40 years to life for kidnapping and sexually assaulting the child, who was 5-years-old at the time. The judge in the case called the crime "a horror show."


The details of this case are horrific and hard to read. I won't recount all of the gory details, which include torture, kidnapping, and serious internal injuries suffered by the child, because what is really important is that this little girl was found and survived.

The prosecutor in the case notes that it "could never be overstated how helpful she was" when it comes to breaking the case and making sure Regusters was convicted. Not only did she describe to the police where the crime took place, she was brave enough to testify in court and then advocate for the safety of other children.

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According to reports, many in the court room began to cry at the sight of the small girl wearing a glittery t-shirt and carrying a Hello Kitty bag. Standing next to her mother, the child told the judge "I think what she did to me was wrong, and I think she shouldn't do it to anyone else"

As a mother, that makes my heart hurt. I can't imagine what she went through and I am in awe that she was strong enough to be able to find her voice in the courtroom.

As for Regusters, now 22-years-old, she claims that she is "not a monster" and is a "very good person". I'm glad that she has 40+ years to sit in prison and realize how very wrong she is about that.


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