Disturbing Video Shows Cops Punching Out a Mom in Front of Her Kids

This is so upsetting. A woman is suing the city of Carlsbad in Southern California after she was allegedly pinned to the ground by multiple officers, and punched in the face after a seemingly routine traffic stop in broad daylight. The whole scene apparently happened right in front of the 40-year-old mom's two young children.


It might be hard to believe that something like this could happen, but take a look at this video. Cindy Hahn was initially charged for resisting arrest and battery on a police officer, but they were dropped after this video surfaced.

Her screams of "help me!" absolutely break my heart, especially after hearing what allegedly led to this assault. On July 31, 2013, Hahn said she left a birthday party with her kids, ages 7 and 11.

After eyeing a cruiser with flashing lights next to a car with an alarm going off, she was asked if it was her vehicle. She said no, and then claims that one of the cops told her to "mind her own f---ing business."

She called to complain on a non-emergency police hot line, and I'm guessing she did it in front of these guys to make a point, because moments later she was pulled over in her own car for an alleged seat belt violation.

It's not clear how she got out of the car, but in the video, she is obviously being held firm to the ground, and is no threat to herself or the officers. Why the hell is he punching her in the face and head? With her children right there watching the whole thing. Yeah, I'm sure they'll grow up to respect law enforcement.

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You can tell that other onlookers believe the police used excessive force too, as they question what they're doing to her. One person even tries to come to her aide, before being warned that they'd be taken in too if they interfered. The whole scene is terrifying.

Hahn claims that she suffers from permanent memory loss after the attack, and is charging the Carlsbad Police Department for the violent confrontation and for falsification of police reports.

I hope she gets justice, and thank goodness someone was there to catch this on video. I don't care what led to this altercation -- there was no reason whatsoever for the police to brutalize her like that. The fact that her kids were there just makes it that much more disturbing.


Image via NY Daily News

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