Mom Charged With Throwing Newborn From Window Is Being Investigated for Another Child's Death

Now in news that will crush your heart, a mom has been charged with killing her newborn daughter by throwing her out a seven-story window in the Bronx. To make matters even more hideous, Jennifer Berry, 33, is now also being investigated for the death of her baby boy in 2008.


Her 2½-week-old son's cause of death was ruled as natural causes related to sudden infant death syndrome, but the Westchester County District Attorney's Office announced this week that they're reopening the case. A spokesperson said, "In light of what has transpired, we will be reviewing that death again."

People reports that Berry initially told police that she gave birth to a stillborn baby girl on the bathroom floor of her boyfriend's apartment on Monday, but the autopsy revealed that the newborn was alive when she was tossed out the window.

Even more devastatingly bizarre? Berry used to work for child services in New York. She worked in the Administration for Children's Services from July 2007 until January 2008.

The woman worked for child services -- the organization that exists to keep kids safe -- and now she's being charged with second-degree murder and manslaughter for her daughter, and is being reinvestigated for the death of her son.

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This is why Safe Haven laws exist! Why couldn't she take the baby to the hospital or fire department instead of killing her? No questions asked. Here's a baby I can't raise. Please help her. New York has one of the most gracious Safe Haven laws in the country -- you can leave your baby with any responsible adult for up to 30 days, and not be found guilty of abandonment.

There are so many parents out there that would love to adopt a baby girl. The fact that this happened is just plain tragedy. Yes, giving up a child is hard -- but when the other option is tossing a live baby so new her umbilical cord is still attached out the window? Not to mention her first baby who died -- was it really an accident, or did she purposefully end his life too?

Some things are just too upsetting to try to understand.


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