Parents Forgive Sons Who Are Charged With Brutally Attacking Them

Dude. I understand that as parents, we always want to believe the best of our kids. But sometimes, I think parents take that mentality way too far. Like this Georgia couple, who have said they forgive their sons and love them unconditionally, after the boys allegedly attacked them and beat them to within an inch of their lives.


Zachery and Yvonne Ervin declared, "Our kids had one bad moment," after their sons Christopher, 22, and Cameron, 17, allegedly drugged them before brutally attacking and stabbing them.

"We communicated to them that we love them unconditionally, we told them we forgive them," Zachery told ABC News. "We told them, as always, whenever there's an issue, there's going to be consequences, whether you do good or bad."

An issue? An issue? How can they call this sort of brutality an issue? A DUI because you made a stupid mistake is an issue. An unplanned pregnancy is an issue. Drugging and beating the crap out of your parents? That's something more than an "issue" in my book.

The Ervins, both 50, told Good Morning America on Monday that this was out of character for their sons, whom they hadn't had any previous issues with, other than trying to get them to keep their rooms clean. They did admit that they sometimes had "bad attitudes," like any other normal teens. Reminder -- their eldest son is 22 and well out of teenager territory.

Anyway, it made me sad to hear Yvonne say this about the ordeal:

I'm healing fine. God has truly worked a miracle. We don't know what happened. Our kids had one bad moment. God will reveal in time to us and to the world. Get all the questions and the answers. But for now we just need to focus on healing.

Yes, and maybe focus on reality -- it's not just "one bad moment" when kids allegedly attempt to murder their parents and try to set the house on fire (they apparently had turned on the gas fireplace and lit a candle in an attempt to blow up the house).

Even with all the craziness surrounding this story, I still don't feel like I can judge these parents. What their kids have been accused of is an awful, terrible thing ... and it's hard to believe that you could've raised monsters after the countless hours of parenting you've put in over the years.

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These parents are grieving, not just because of the attack, but with the fact that their own children could have done something this horrific. How can any of us say they're doing wrong, unless we've been there? They have said that they believe that actions have consequences, and hopefully they will stand by that.

The brothers are currently being held without bail, and face up to 60 years in prison if convicted. Both will reportedly be tried as adults.

I'm not sure there will ever be enough time for these parents to face the reality of what happened to them.


Image via Gwinnett County Detention Center

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