New Details in 'Baby Doe' Case May Help Police Identify the Body of Unclaimed Little Girl

baby doeThe identity of the adorable little girl whose body was heartbreakingly found in a trash bag on a Massachusetts shore earlier this summer remains unknown -- but new clues have emerged which will hopefully bring investigators closer to solving the mystery of her tragic death.


Known as "Baby Doe," a dog walker discovered the child's body on June 25 on Deer Island, a peninsula near Boston's Logan Airport. Police estimate the girl's age to be around 4 years old, but that's pretty much all they know about her, other than the fact that she was wrapped in a fleece zebra-print blanket and that there were no signs of trauma (toxicology reports also came back clean).

Indeed, up until now, police had hardly any information to help them figure out where the girl came from and what happened to her -- but pollen samples recently taken from her clothes and blanket and sent to a government lab for analysis have helped investigators to determine that she most likely was from the Boston area (which is what State Police theorized from the start). 

According to experts, the pollen "came from trees and plants around Boston," said Jake Wark, a spokesman for the Suffolk County District Attorney's Office.

"This pollen analysis also suggests that 'Baby Doe' may have been placed on the shoreline, rather than washed ashore from a great distance."

"We think it's going to take someone who knew her to tell us who she was, and that's really our priority right now," said Wark.

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Sounds like finding the person responsible for Baby Doe's death is really the only way we're ever going to find out what happened to this poor child, considering investigators haven't even been able to determine cause of death at this point. It just seems so bizarre that they haven't figured it out yet. Even Wark said it's unusual for a body to remain unidentified for this long:

"From time to time we do come across unidentified remains, sometimes in the water, sometimes in rural or wooded areas. But in most cases they're identified quite rapidly," he said.

"In this particular case we have not had that success. And that's why we're trying to reach someone who knew this little girl and encourage them to step forward, identify her and give her the dignity of a burial under her own true name."

That's all we can hope for at this point -- and that Baby Doe didn't suffer. I can't even begin to imagine what would have led to this precious child's body being stuffed in a trash bag and abandoned, and I'm not looking forward to finding out the details, but the sooner we do, the better.

Anyone with info is encouraged to call the police at (617) 396-5655.


Image via Suffolk County Massachusetts District Attorney 


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