Husband Cuts Off Wife's Lover's Penis & Flushes It Down Toilet

A furious cuckold eliminated his rival in an extreme way ... yeesh! Student and boxer Ikki Kitsugai was arrested for cutting off the genitals of another man he believes had an affair with his wife. But he didn't stop there, according to reports.


According to Japanese news outlet NHK, Kitsugai showed up first thing in the morning at the office of a lawyer and began punching the man in the face. When the lawyer was near unconsciousness Kitsugai allegedly pulled out a pair of garden shears and snipped off the man's penis. And then. He flushed the penis down the toilet.

Bye, Felicia!

Sorry -- this is not funny. It is NOT! That poor man -- what is he supposed to do now? Sometimes you can re-attach genitals if you act quickly. But how do you retrieve a penis that's been flushed down the toilet? The poor guy's life is ruined. 

What if the husband got the wrong guy? Or what if no affair took place at all? Not that an affair would justify this crime.

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And what about the woman at the center of this love triangle? She's got a lover who is missing something very important and a total psychopath for a husband who will likely be spending the next several years in prison.

According to reports the woman is believed to work as a clerk at the law office and may have been present for the attack. Imagine how traumatic it would be to witness this. At least the angry husband didn't attack his wife as well. Hopefully the victim will be all right, one way or another.


Image via damiangretka/Shutterstock


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