Dad Drugs His Own Kids to Get Revenge on His Ex-Wife

Can you imagine hating your spouse more than you love your kids? Yeesh. A father confessed he drugged his own children just to rattle his wife -- his soon-to-be ex-wife, that is. The couple are in the process of divorcing, not that that excuses him.


The good news is that the children were all right. The man put small doses of tranquilizers in his three children's tea during a parental visit. And then he called up their mother to inform her that she "would never see the children again." What a charmer.

The mother picked up her children several hours later.

Father of the Year later told authorities he did it to "piss off" his former wife. He is currently under "judicial review" -- the family lives in France -- and has been told to seek medical help. Maybe that explains why he could do something so horrible to his kids: He may have a severe mental illness. 

It still seems like an extreme act, though. It's unclear if he intended to actually kill them or if he knew the dosage wasn't lethal and was just trying to terrorize their mother. That's still not something a father who loves his children should play around with! Anything could happen. Your kids could have an adverse reaction to the medication.

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And anyway, you're still drugging your own kids. That's just sick. If anything you should be working extra hard to protect your children from the pain and difficulties of divorce, not involving them in your revenge scheme.

At the least I hope he loses custody and visitation rights. It sounds like he should be charged with something as well, don't you think? People can get irrationally angry during a divorce but this is way too much. 


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