Drunk Mom Drives Off With 8-Year-Old Daughter Clinging to Car Begging Her to Stop

car lights drivingFarmington, Minnesota, mom Rena Mae Giancherio, 46, reportedly got into her truck attempting to drive while drunk. Her 8-year-old daughter -- well aware of the danger of the situation -- tried to stop her mom from drunk driving and was seeing hanging onto the vehicle as her mom drove away from their home.


The 8-year-old, who hasn't been named, fell from the truck. Sixteen-year-old neighbor Terry Heller saw everything. He said that the little girl was holding onto the driver's side door handle, banging on the window begging her mom to stop. She was able to balance herself on the truck's running board as her mom was driving, but eventually couldn't hold on any longer. Heller ran over to help her. She was crying, her knees torn up and bloody from the fall. It was 3:30 p.m. when this happened -- many neighborhood kids and families were outside.

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Heller's mom called 911 and tried to console the child who asked her not to call the cops. Despite it all, this child was trying to protect her mother.

While this is a terrible situation all on its own, thank goodness this mother didn't crash her car or harm anyone else more than she already did.

Police arrived and the girl told them that her mom drank "half a bottle." My heart is breaking the more I learn. When they caught up with the mother, she wasn't making sense, and she tried to deny the incident of her daughter falling from the truck. The smell of alcohol poured from her body. Her breathalyzer revealed 0.30, which is nearly four times over the allowed limit. It was also said that video surveillance showed the mother buy more booze at a nearby liquor store. She is being charged with child endangerment, two counts of criminal vehicular operation, and third-degree DWI.

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As parents we do a lot for our kids. We try to help them when they mess up, attempt to prevent them from doing wrong. But our kids help us too -- they are our teachers as much as we teach them. And this one little girl has shown how much she was willing to do to help her mom, who very clearly needs help. There is a lot of work that needs to be done to help this family -- and I hope they get all the help they need. This mom needs to get healthy, for her daughter, and for herself. This child needs to be commended for being so brave, and never losing that love she has for her mom even when she is doing wrong. I hope she finds the strength to heal, and get the help that she too deserves.


Image via Michael Mol/Flickr

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