'Law & Order' Director & Dad Busted on Child Pornography Charges

Ugh. Director Jason "Jace" Alexander could be living an episode of his own show this week. The Law and Order director was arrested on child pornography charges, after authorities allegedly found sexually explicit images and video of minors in his possession.


Not only that, but he was also supposedly promoting the images online on the Torrent network, a well-known medium for passing along illegal materials because of its ability to bypass servers.

After a decade of directing the crime drama, you'd think he'd know that he'd eventually be caught.

Alexander was charged with two felonies -- "possessing and sharing illegal and obscene performances of sexual conduct by children under the age of 17," according to TMZ. He was caught when an investigator managed to track his IP address off some downloaded child pornography.

According to the cops, they found multiple hard drives containing files of minors engaged in sexual acts. I just can't even deal with stories like this. Those poor kiddos! What kind of monster wants to hurt children like this?

I don't want to get into the details, but there was apparently a video of a girl as young as 6 years old performing sexual acts on herself.

The 50-year-old has also directed episodes of The Blacklist, The Practice, and Rescue Me. He is the only son of actress Jane Alexander, a veteran actress who has won Emmys and Tonys in her long career.

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The most disturbing part of this story, at least to me, is that Alexander is also a husband and a father. This is not some guy living in his mom's basement -- this is a successful and supposed family man, with young children of his own. He is married to actress Maddie Corman, and they have 11-year-old twin boys together.

He posted $10,000 bail, and could face seven years in prison if convicted. I don't know about you, but that hardly seems like enough for taking advantage of children like that. 


Image via WCDA/Splash News

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