Woman Saves Her Life & Countless Others When She Unwittingly Slays Serial Killer

serial killer neal fallsWhen a young woman who wants to be known as "Heather" answered her door at her Charleston, West Virginia, home and saw a man with a gun asking her only "live or die?", she chose to live. The man, identified as Neal Falls, is believed to be a serial killer who may be connected to at least nine murders of women in three states. Heather is a hero who was able to think quickly while being strangled.


Terrifying. The whole thing played out like a horror film. Falls, 45, had answered an online ad for an escort, which brought him to Heather's home. Heather was able to pick up a rake when Falls was choking her with a gun in his hand. He put down the gun to stop her from attacking him with the rake and that's when Heather was able to get the gun.

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"I grabbed the gun and shot behind me," she said.

She did the right thing. This man whom she shot to death was out to kill her. Inside his car were all the tools of the trade that serial killers have -- handcuffs, knives, axes, a machete, a shovel, a sledgehammer, bleach, and plastic trash bags. Chilling. Also in his trunk was a bulletproof vest, which he wasn't wearing. Thank goodness.

It is believed that Falls is connected to dismembered bodies outside of Las Vegas, where he used to live. He seemed to prey on escorts he met online. It was reported that four other women he murdered were in the same kind of industry as well.

"I knew he was there to kill me," Heather said. And the police in West Virginia knew that, too. Heather isn't being charged with a crime because it was clearly in self-defense. She deserves a reward. It's incredible how sometimes our adrenaline gives us strength we didn't know we had. Heather knew she had to act and act fast. If she wants out of the escort industry, I think she deserves help. Someone start a crowdsourcing for her. She saved lives.

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In Falls's possessions was also a list of 10 women, presumably potential victims. All those women were found to be alive, so it seems he was planning future attacks and they were next. Heather is really a hero -- she saved the lives of these women, and perhaps countless others. She was able to stop him from ever hurting anyone again -- and maybe DNA evidence can bring closure to many families who didn't know what happened to their loved ones.


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