Doc Posts Smirking Selfie Right In the Middle of a Mom Giving Birth

doctor cell phoneIf you're in the middle of having a baby, odds are you want your doctor by your side helping things along -- NOT posting a selfie next to your crowning vagina while you give birth, right? Yet that's exactly what one doctor did.


The doc is a Venezuelan med student named Daniel Sanchez -- who took this photo of his smug, smirking face next to a woman naked from the waist down right as she was beginning to crown.

Then, to make matters worse, Sanchez posted this intensely intimate pic on Instagram with an even more obnoxious caption: "Lady I can deliver your baby but first let me take a selfie."

As if that weren't bad enough, he adds: "Little devils are brought into the world, [vaginas] are reconstructed, they're made to be like new, almost 0 kilometers," referring to an operation that repairs the damage to women's vaginal regions after childbirth.

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Welp, this post led to over 5,000 people signing a petition calling for disciplinary action against Sanchez.

"Health professionals and students dealing with mothers should have an impeccable behavior at all times that respects the emotional and physical needs of women in labor and their babies," the petition says. "Violation of their rights many times constitutes a crime and at all times shows an abuse of power."

Since then, Sanchez (who has since made his Instagram account private) has defended himself by saying he did not take the photo himself -- and had the go-ahead from the woman pictured. Still, though, consent or no, this doc is by no means in the clear in my book!

Yet this is not just one isolated incident. Numerous doctors and nurses have posted selfies on the job with the hashtag "#deliveryroom." And while they're not as graphic as Sanchez's, you've still gotta wonder: Should docs really be doing that?

While I know docs are proud of their jobs and all, I still think this is totally unprofessional and disrespectful to patients. Because after all, when is a woman more vulnerable than when giving birth?

Heck, I've even heard of moms telling husbands "no cameras" while they're giving birth, because moms are truly not in the mood for pics right then ... much less of her vagina. By her doctor.

We hope this serves as a lesson to doctors -- and husbands, and family members, and anyone else who has the privilege to be in that delivery room -- to set aside their cell phones during birth, and show these moms a little more respect.

Want to help? Sign the petition against Sanchez that aims to end "obstetric violence" against women.


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