Disney's Infamous 'Dine & Dasher' Arrested With High Bail -- It Would've Been Cheaper Just to Pay

A man was arrested last week after trying to dine and dash at Disney World for two nights in a row. Apparently, 51-year-old Florida resident Jerry Moody has been arrested at the popular theme park more than five times, and is now officially banned from the property.


Moody was dining at the Wave Lounge within Disney's Contemporary Resort, when he "racked up a $92 bar tab and tried to leave without paying." A waitress recognized him as the same guy who tried to skip out on a dining bill at the Polynesian Resort just the night before.

His crimes haven't just taken place on Disney properties either -- the infamous dine-and-dasher has been arrested over 30 times for his crimes, including thefts at BJ's Restaurant and Brewhouse and Uno Pizzeria.

He's currently being held on a $5,100 bond for his indiscretions at Disney World. Hopefully that teaches him a lesson, because dang -- he could have just spent that money instead, and not be banned from the parks.

For example, he could have paid for seven years of a premium membership to the parks. Or he could haven dined with Aladdin at a "character dinner" 85 times. I bet they'd have something to talk about, don't you think? That whole stealing-to-eat thing ... just saying.

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Or what about those famous turkey legs they sell at Disney? He could have gotten over 500 for $5100. That's a lot of turkey!

Even if Moody didn't want to spend his money on park admission or food, he could have ordered 365 of those mouse-ear hats from the Disney Store. Maybe fewer if he wanted them monogrammed, but you know, it might be an identifier, so I'm thinking he may want to keep it anonymous.


Image via © Blaine Harrington III/Corbis

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