12-Year-Old Charged With Murder Finally Gets the Fatherly Advice He Needs From Criminal Dad

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In a heartbreaking story out of Omaha, Nebraska, an imprisoned dad is blaming himself for his sons' involvement in a deadly shooting. Javaris Milton says his negative example, which included getting involved with gangs, could be what set his children down this horrible path.


Milton's 12- and 17-year-old boys are charged with murder in what appears to be a drug deal gone awry. The dad explains how he believes this ultimately may be all his doing: 

If he's guilty as the picture has been painted, I'd say it's my fault. I take the blame. I'd say I probably have been the biggest influence of anybody in [the boys' lives] when it comes to gangs.

While it's absolutely heartbreaking all the way around, isn't this dad actually doing the right thing by stepping up and acknowledging his role in how his children turned out?   

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As parents, we always hope to lead by example, and for better or worse, it seems like Milton's kids did emulate their dad. While of course each person is responsible for his or her own actions, what children see and live will impact them deeply. Even if they're taught right from wrong, if it's just empty words that are directly opposed to the things they're witnessing, that message probably won't get through. 

While it won't help his children in the immediate future, hopefully hearing their dad accept responsibility for his role in their lives will lead Milton's sons to think about how to accept blame for their own actions. 

Do you think this father is to blame for his sons' violence?  


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