Child Porn Case Against Jared Fogle Foundation Just Got a Lot Creepier

Ugh -- this story keeps getting worse and worse.  On Tuesday, police searched Subway pitchman Jared Fogle's home looking for evidence tied to the May 4 arrest of the director of the Jared Foundation on child pornography charges. We don’t know what they found, if anything, but according to a 16-page charging document, 43-year-old Russell Taylor was into some very disturbing things.


It's disgusting to think that someone who ran a charity teaching healthy eating and exercise habits to kids would take advantage of them like that, but according to the report, Taylor was in possession of 400 videos, most of them showing nude children unaware that they were being filmed.

Oh yeah, he may have also been into bestiality. Sick!

The case started in September 2014, when "Jane Doe" told the police that Taylor had offered to send her text messages with videos or images of young girls. The unidentified woman said that she became friendly with Taylor through her husband, and the friendship continued after she was widowed in 2013.

The relationship took a romantic turn, and "text messages concerning sexual matters were exchanged." He asked her if he and another woman could come to her house and have sex with an animal, and allegedly sent her pictures of bestiality and offered to send more photos of "young girls."

She told investigators, "You could tell he was serious." When she was asked if he had ever talked to her abut a desire to have sex with minors, she replied, "Not that I can remember, but he's the type of person that seems to be very sexually involved in whatever goes."

On April 29, police searched Taylor's Indianapolis home and found computers and storage devices containing over 400 videos of four minor children, in various states of undress or nude. Three of the kids, two girls and a boy, have a known relationship with Taylor, and a third girl was also filmed. All four would sleep over at his house at times, and none appeared to be aware they were being filmed.

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Police determined that the kids were between the ages of 9–16, based on time stamps. Taylor said that he had hidden a camera in a child's bedroom "to determine if the child was having sex with her boyfriend or stealing things." He added, "I've had nanny cams forever."

Ugh ugh ugh! This guy worked with children! Jared Fogle severed ties immediately with Taylor upon his arrest and has been working with the police at his own volition. His lawyer Ron Elberger said, "Jared has been cooperating, and continues to cooperate, with law enforcement in their investigation of unspecified charges and looks forward to its conclusion ... He has not been detained, arrested, or charged with any crime or offense."

Subway also issued a statement Tuesday, saying that it is "very concerned and will be monitoring the situation closely."

Are you horrified by this story?


Image via Indiana State Police

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