Dad Charged With Murder of 7-Month-Old Found Floating in River

The body of the missing 7-month-month old in Connecticut has been found, after his father told police that he threw him in the river before jumping and attempting to take his own life. Twenty-two-year-old Tony Moreno has been charged in the death of his infant son, while he still recovers in the hospital from his own injuries.


On Tuesday night, Moreno admitted to throwing his infant son Aaden a "free-throw distance" into the Connecticut River from the Arrigoni Bridge. It was just days after a judge denied a restraining order to Adrianne Oyola on June 29, claiming that the father didn't pose a serious threat to the child.

Oyola had been granted a temporary restraining order on June 17 by Judge Edward S. Domnarski, the same day that child welfare authorities said they "received a report regarding the father. In the request, Aaden's mom outlined the abuse she experienced at Moreno's hands, including the death threats against her and Aaden, and said that she feared for her life.

At the June 29 hearing, Superior Court Judge Barry C. Pinkus decided that Moreno and Oyola just had a "chaos" in their their relationship, but didn't believe there was an "imminent" threat. In the meeting, he said, "I'm just not convinced that there's a continuous threat of present physical pain of physical injury ... I think the two of you don't have a good relationship," according to court documents.

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In that same hearing, Oyola admitted that Moreno was physically abusing her, but only reluctantly. When asked why she wanted the restraining order, she answered, "Multiple things ... He's just very abusive, not physically, but mentally. He's constantly ... calling me names, constantly shoving me around and just abusive."

"When you say shoving you around, that's not physically abusive?" Pinkus asked.

"Well, it is," Oyola replied. "I would think it is, like, punching me, slapping me around."

Well this seems to be a clear case of the system failing a mom and her child, doesn't it? Moreno said that Oyola had "temper tantrums" when she "didn't get her way," which was apparently enough of a defense that he was allowed access to the child again. Before he threw him off a bridge.

Obviously something is very wrong here. Moreno was arraigned at Hartford Hospital on Monday on murder and capital felony charges, and his bail was set at $2.1 million.

The only consolation is that this sweet baby boy is at peace now, but my heart breaks for his mama, who tried to save him but ultimately couldn't.

Why do you think the judge denied the permanent restraining order?


Image via Middletown Police Department

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