Mom Ties Up Her 4-Year-Old Son With a Leash Outside While She Goes to Work

A mom in New York is in trouble with the law after making a very bad parenting decision. The mom tied her 4-year-old to a bush Tuesday morning so she could go to her babysitting job. Neighbors became concerned about the little boy and called the police.


Mery Quinde-Castro was arrested on charges of misdemeanor child endangerment and was released on $2,500 cash bail. And while it sounds like it could be a horrific case of child abuse, the details from both her family and law enforcement make it seem like it really was just a bizarre case of misjudgment.

According to Mery's sister Rosa, she took her son to her nannying job at a local apartment complex on Tuesday, when she had no one to watch him while she worked. She brought him with her when she emptied the trash, and when he refused to come back inside, she tied his toddler leash to a small tree so she could tend to the baby inside the apartment.

She also left him her cell phone so he could watch cartoons, so obviously this wasn't a case of being punished -- just not knowing what to do to take care of everyone. Even Spring Valley Police Chief Paul Modica said, "I don't think she understood the gravity of what had taken place ... It could have been bad."

It's easy to say that she should have just picked the boy up and taken him inside, but it's possible the baby was napping and she was worried about her son's screaming and waking the infant up. We also don't know if the boy has emotional or other problems that are tricky to handle.

The kiddo was reportedly tied to the bush for less than an hour, with his mom saying it was 10 minutes, and neighbors reporting that it was closer to 45. Rosa Quida-Castro, the boy's aunt, vehemently defended her sister, saying, "She did nothing wrong. She is a good mother." She also said that Mery is just doing her best to support herself after her son's father walked out on them.

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Police made it clear that this doesn't appear to be an abuse case. They said the tot was "well cared for and happy." They were obviously concerned for his welfare, however, with Modica saying, "The kid could have disappeared, gotten hurt. It's not the proper thing to do."

In the news video, the mom looked embarrassed and hurt. She obviously made a mistake in how she handled the situation, and hopefully this wake-up call will help her make better parenting decisions in the future.

Do you think this mom just made a mistake?


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